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Whole Goose Foie Gras in a cloth, 220g

  • Storage: 30 days at a temperature of +2° to +4°C
  • Net weight (g) : 220
  • Serves: 5-6
  • Also available in 280g size


For over two centuries, Feyel's chefs have been preparing the very best Alsatian Foies Gras in the  traditional Alsatian way.
The Foie Gras sold wrapped in cloth is for true connoisseurs of the best in Foie Gras.
Prepared only with whole lobes, it is cooked sous vide. This method of cooking ensures the Foie Gras retains all its aromas and flavour. It is then wrapped in a cloth for a top-of-the-range presentation.
Goose foie gras has a fine, subtle taste. You will appreciate its smooth, melting texture. It differs from duck foie gras by its pinkish colour.
To enjoy your Foie Gras at its best: take it out of the refrigerator a quarter of an hour before cutting it, and serve it to your guests as soon as you put it on the plates. For a festive starter, prepare neat slices of about 40g per person (use a non-serrated knife after passing the blade under the hot tap). Serve on plates that have been cooled beforehand.

Chef's tips

A perfect choice of wine would be a mellow white (Gewurztraminer or Pinot Gris) or a sweet white (Sauternes, Monbazillac, Jurançon or Vouvray). A Grand Cru red (Bordeaux or Burgundy) will also go beautifully with this Foie Gras.
Serve the Foie Gras with a spoonful of dried fruit compote, fig chutney and a few grains of sea salt. Serve with a slice of country baguette in preference to sandwich bread.