How to best enjoy our products

The Maison Feyel would like to offer a few hints on how to enjoy our products at their best and bring gastronomic dining to your table at home.

Some advice on how to serve, accompany and store our products, which will help to add that touch of magic to your dishes.

Foie Gras

A culinary highlight, Foie Gras is one of the flagships of French gastronomy, so here are a few tips on how to enjoy it at its best:

Storage advice

Place your Foie Gras in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours at between 0°C and 4°C before consuming it, taking it out of the refrigerator and its packaging a quarter of an hour before serving.

Presentation advice

As soon as you take it out of the refrigerator, cut your Foie Gras into slices no more than one centimetre thick. To obtain neat slices of about 40g per person, use a non-serrated knife after passing the blade under the hot tap

Foie gras in a terrine or jar can be served in the form of curls moulded using a spoon after passing it under the hot tap, an original, refined and typically Alsatian presentation that will delight your guests.

Serve foie gras on plates that have been cooled beforehand.

How to best enjoy foie gras

To savour all the aromas of your foie gras:

  • serve the foie gras at the beginning of the meal when the palate is still "neutral"
  • break up the foie gras with a fork and allow it to melt in your mouth
  • serve your foie gras with a dried fruit compote, fig chutney and a few grains of sea salt
  • serve with country bread, preferably not toasted. Avoid toasted sandwich and special breads which spoil its flavour.

Fine Specialities

Feyel offers a few hints for the best way to enjoy each of its fine specialities, dried and smoked breast meats, gizzards or quail legs.

Storage advice

Keep the products in the refrigerator to ensure they stay fresh.

How to best enjoy fine specialities

  • Dried and smoked breast meats should be served cool so that the fat does not melt.
  • Breast meats: eaten cold, they are a perfect addition to mixed salads. To eat hot, brown them in a frying pan (no need to add fat or seasoning) and serve with pan-fried apples or pears. Tip: deglaze the pan with a sweet white wine or raspberry vinegar.
  • Beechwood smoked quail legs can be eaten hot, browned in the oven or pan-fried without adding any fat. They are ideal for aperitifs (on skewers) or as a gourmet starter (served with a small salad). Quail legs bring a delicate, original touch much appreciated by food lovers.   
  • The Délice of smoked duck breast stuffed with a block of duck foie gras is ideal as a gourmet starter. Arrange slices on a plate straight from the fridge accompanied by crunchy vegetables or a green salad.

Fine pâtés

Ideal for snacks, picnics, light meals or cocktails, fine pâté can be spread on bread and combined with whatever you fancy.

Storage and presentation advice

Keep in the refrigerator, so that the pâté can easily be removed from its mould onto a plate and then cut into thin slices.

How to best enjoy foie gras

Use your imagination to create original open sandwiches on good baguette or crispy rolls.

The suggestions for accompaniments are endless and variable to suit your taste: cherry tomatoes, vegetable shoots, walnuts, fresh thyme, radishes, young salad greens, sprigs of chervil, chives…

How to best enjoy our products

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