Since 1811, Feyel has cultivated its special know-how and the time-honoured methods of the original Alsatian master bakers. A unique body of know-how that Feyel chefs pass down from generation to generation, thereby perpetuating the "tricks of the trade" and the secrets of the Maison Feyel.

Among these precious secrets kept by the Maison Feyel are the recipes for its specialities: Foie Gras and Smoked Duck Breast.

The secret of Feyel Foie Gras

With its inimitable flavour, Foie Gras is the speciality that has made the name of the Maison Feyel. And the secret? A secret blend of 13 spices enhances and brings out all the flavour of the Foie Gras. Feyel's Chefs expertly select, devein and prepare every liver with infinite skill and dexterity. Then they are cooked at a low temperature to preserve the aroma and smooth texture of the Foie Gras. A unique body of know-how that makes the Maison Feyel the specialist of fresh Foies Gras.

The secret of Smoked Duck Breast

Feyel Smoked Duck Breast benefits from all the same skill and know-how that goes into the preparation of the Maison Feyel's Foie Gras. Prepared according to a traditional Alsatian recipe, it is salted dry and seasoned with the same subtle blend of 13 spices. The duck breast is then smoked with beechwood at a temperature between 18 and 25°C inclusive for at least 24 hours, which ensures the breast is smoked all the way through and not only on the surface. This recipe gives Feyel Duck Breast a particular and unique flavour.